“I started seeing Michelle Fisher of ‘Massage By the River’ 6 years ago and she quickly became the sole massage therapist I used from then on. I get a full blissout experience from her treatments that lasts long after the session has ended. In those 6 years I have watched Michelle’s skills improve as she has continually increased her study and practice of new massage techniques. I now just asked her to give me ‘the works’! Along with her skills she is warm and caring and 100% present with her clients which just increases the therapeutic benefits. Love it, love it!” Melanie Allen

“Michelle Fisher is simply the best massage therapist I have ever known!  She is so skilled with her massage treatments that I always feel so much better afterwards.  Thanks for being such a great healer and massage therapist, I would recommend you to anyone!”  Penny Maddock

“Michelle has a unique touch developed over years of training and experience. Having a diversity of techniques available to her means Michelle can provide exactly what is needed for each condition. All of this in a safe and nurturing environment adds up to the perfect massage. I highly recommend Massage by the River. ” Aileen

“Michelle is a caring, intuitive, skilled  practitioner who gives herself fully every session. I always know a visit to Michelle will benefit me and always leave feeling it was time and money well spent. Always grateful Miche.”  Judy Greenberg

“Michelle is a gifted and truly talented healer. She has been getting more and more skills in the time that I have she has been treating my family and I and is becoming a truly well rounded masseuse.”  Michael Arvantakis

“Michelle has provided a professional and welcoming space for Shiatsu. Her warmth and vitality have been a welcomed support.” AB

“A treatment with Michelle starts the minute she greets you at the door. She is profoundly insightful and finds a way into the body that is a perfect balance of strength and focused intention. Many times she has unraveled tension that I could not even name and has done so with grace and her own unique type of whole body system awareness, the result of which last well beyond the session. I always feel remade after her sessions. ” L. Schnieder

 “Michelle Fisher has great hands and she knows how to  use them. She’s fixed my bits more than once. Highly recommended for both relaxation and remedial massage ….mmmmm” S Press

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