Why Massage?


Research studies continue to prove that massage provides enormous health benefits for treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders and injuries. It also boosts the immune system and reduces stress – a major cause of illness.

My treatment combines Myotherapy, Chinese Remedial (Tui na) Shiatsu and Relaxation Massage. My training in both Western and Eastern techniques allows me to work at a deeper level that addresses both the underpinning cause and the symptoms. Treatment can include Dry Needling, Cupping, Moxa, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Meridian Therapy, Exercise presciptions, Dietary advice (from a Chinese medicine perspective) and Acupressure.

Shiatsu is carried out while the receiver fully clothed usually lying on a futon. Shiatsu originated from Japan and is a holistic method that addresses imbalances in the body which often manifest as emotional and physical illness . A shiatsu treatment incorporates thumb, finger and palm pressure, stretching, holding and rubbing. It works with unblocking and moving qi (energy) through meridians which enables the body to repair itself. Shiatsu is used to treat muscular pain, digestive issue, menstrual irregularities, stress, sports injuries, depression and headaches.

Hot Stone massage
With a Hot stone massage, heated oiled smooth river stones are used to massage the body. Warm Stones are also placed on certain Chinese acupoints on the body which helps to improve the bodies’ efficiency in fighting disease and gives. It’s also an effective treatment to soften tight muscles but best of all it feels incredible!

cuppingCupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine method of treating many diseases.
It promotes blood circulation, relieves pain
and fatigue and enhances physical function.
It is also beneficial for sufferers of Asthma,
Painful menstruation and carpal tunnel syndrome – to name a few.
A flame is used to heat a glass cup which is then immediately placed on the skin. This causes a vacuum.

This does leave some temporary painless bruising that can last up to a week and sometimes more.

Gua Sha
guaGua sha is a technique in Traditional Chinese medicine that dispels heat from the body, releases toxins soften tight muscles and boost the immune system. A smooth thin disc made from buffalo horn or a Chinese ceramic spoon is painlessly scraped along the skin until bruising appears.






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